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Remodeling an office put Moo Laa in owners pocket.

A new vision for a building, it all had to go . . . down to the outer walls.  Cowtown Auctions showed how we can save on demo costs by selling off most of what people would have trashed.  The office building was full of office furniture, file cabinets, built in cabinets, kitchen area and so much more.  We sold it all for them, even the ceiling tile and carpet!  This saved the cost of hours and hours of labor, not to mention the cost of 2 full roll offs.  Our customers got a great deal, and the new owners of the building saved thousands of dollars in demo costs and fees, and they even got a nice check for what they were going to have hauled off.

     Call us before you remodel a building, we will make you some Moo Laa!

Building was being torn down . . .

I was contacted by a demo company that was going to raise a local restaurant.  The representative asked about us purchasing about 8-10 items before they leveled the building.  They had what they thought was a low offer from another company. ( it was )  From their perspective, they saw value in about 10 items, after viewing, we made an agreement to sell all their assets we could in less than 72 hours.  On this particular sale, we had over 120 items we found that had value.  We sold them, our customers came and picked them up, and they got a check for THOUSANDS more than they had planned on.  Not to mention, the hours of labor the crew saved by having items removed by our customers.

Call us before you demo a building, we will make you

some Moo Laa!